Pet Wellness

We know how much your pet means to you. That’s why Dyer County Animal Hospital has included an extensive pet wellness program to make sure your pet is taken care of. Please read below to learn more.

dog at vet

Dyer County Animal Hospital Pet Wellness

Regular wellness exams allow us to pick up even small changes before they become a crisis for your pet, as well as answer any questions you may have about their health.
owner hugging dog

From the first visit and throughout their entire life, our veterinarians will be there to provide the absolute best care for your pet. Our pet preventive health care measures can maximize the fullness of that life both in terms of what your pet can do and for how long. We encourage examinations every 6 months because many disease conditions can progress very quickly. We will tailor which blood and urine tests are best for your pet’s age, and clearly explain when additional tests like blood pressure measurement, x-rays, or fecal testing are necessary.

As part of our wellness program, we also offer pain management, flea/tick prevention as well as dietary counseling for your pet!